Pubg New Livik Map :Update 0.19.0

PUBG is coming out with a new and exclusive ‘Livik’ map much to the delight of PUBG fans. The Livik map loaded with additional features is presently accessible in the mobile Beta version. 

Although no confirmed news on the global release of Livik map is available, the reports suggest that the company is likely to club together with the release date of Livik map .

Features of PUBG Livik Map

PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0

  • The new map is in ultra-fast gameplay mode presenting 15- minute matches to be played by enthusiasts in short intervals during their breaks. Based on the ‘Nordic’ inspired topography, the new map will support only 40 players.


  • The Livik map, which is 2 km by 2 km in size, boasts of unique physical features in the shape of a waterfall apart from a volcano and hot springs. The two sections of the map comprising lush greenery any snow-capped frosty fields are ingenious addition to the game.


  • The new plan with broken castles, windmills, has several other landmarks, that enhances the in-game scenery. The additional features made the Livik map exciting and jam-packed with action. There is no dull moment to spare in the entire 15 minutes of gaming adventure.

  • What makes the game super exciting is the fresh batch of weaponry introduced in the game. The fast-paced combat matches become more deadly with the inclusion of a P90 submachine gun and MK12 sniper rifle. 


  • One significant feature is the extended barrel of weaponry to fire extended range but extended barrel will help in late-game scenarios when players don’t have the time to search for perfect loadout.


The Livik map launched on PUBG Mobile by developers has many advanced features. The new map is rich with features to entice players from landscapes to an enhanced range of weapons, new firearms, and a monster truck. Even building designs are overhauled. The map is small and is exclusively meant for users with tight work schedules. The players can enjoy the game in their free time; however, the game can be played by 40 players only.

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