PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 with apk download link

PUBG fans will get offended if I speak on the Erangel region. For the non PUBG players, it is a playable fictitious area in the
PUBG game wherein players can exhibit their talents and get their chicken dinner.

A recent addition, season 13, has been updated to the game, and players love it. Along with the new season, there is development in the Erangel region. The PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 has features like route planner, vehicle customizations, and rearranging the control of the vehicles.

PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 is a fully charged and revamped version of the Erangel map :- 

Route Planner-

As the name says, it helps in planning a path in a little advance. The players must mark their favored locations in their ways so that a planned and uninterrupted way can be accessed. This will allow the players to enjoy the gameplay without having to open the map several times.

PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0

Ultra HD Graphics- 

Graphics is an integral and the most demanding part of the game. Many players admire the graphics and divert tot eh game due to the graphics. PUBG has given one of the most exceptional graphics that players admire the most. In the erangel 2.0 version, new features to the graphics have been incorporated. New ultra HD graphics make the players stick on the gameplay. PUBG has kept its promise of giving the best graphics.

Golden Pharaoh X suit


Vehicle control Customisation-

The game provides vehicles for the players to travel from one region in the game to another region. Vehicle controls are necessary features for it. The players also expect a little advancement in it with every addition of the season. Deeper vehicle control customizations have been added. The players can also further customize their controls when they get into the vehicle. The layout, design, and placement of the button has been implemented for an easier user interface and control. The game allows the players to pick any one of the three different control schemes. PUBG has put a restriction only for customizing the position of the buttons.

Refreshed Graphics-

A new level of detail has been added to the game. Along with the ultra HD graphics, detail to the graphics has been increased. The interior of the buildings, other structures have been modified, and the colors have been made a little contrast and tweaked. The models have been recreated, and Secret bunkers have been added to the remodeled apartments, etc. The players have to break the wooden shield with their weapons and get to the bunkers via the stairs.

These were some of the features of the list of updates. The article does not cover a while of them. This writing piece may excite you to get a first-hand experience of these new and updated features. GO on and try the game to get your exclusive and explicit experience of these new features incorporated in the erangel 2.0. I am sure many of the gamers will shift their bases to it.   

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