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Imagine if the average temperature of the earth increases by 5°C. Do you know how many
cities on the coastline will submerge and how many people will be vulnerable? The thought is nothing less than a nightmare. There will be a catastrophic effect of this on the earth, and hundreds of millions of people across the world will be impacted, many animal species will become extinct. The biggest reason for the increase in the temperature of the globe and one of
the most significant contributors is the use of fossil fuel.

So, governments across the world are mulling on utilizing solar energy to reduce the use of fossil fuel, pollution as well as cutting down global warming. India is also working on increasing the use of solar energy. Thanks to the efforts of the government and solar panel manufacturers, India is now cashing in solar power more than many developed countries.
Here are the top solar panel manufacturers of our country.


 Tata Power Solar System Ltd:

It is wholly owned as a subsidiary by Tata Power Ltd. It is one of the leading solar panel manufacturers of India. Tata Power Solar
System Ltd. has been providing solar energy solutions not only to individual customers but to corporate customers as well. With a vision to provide clean energy to the households of India, this Tata group company has been at the forefront in
producing quality solar panels for more than a decade. The company has a manufacturing unit in Bangalore that produces solar panels and other solar products.


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 Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.:

Loom Solar was set up by a former Luminous executive Amol Anand in 2018. The company has a manufacturing unit in Faridabad, Haryana that manufactures mono and poly crystalline panels ranging between 10 watts to 340
watts. They are also providing customized solutions to different small industries. The
distinct features of the solar panels made by Loom Solar are that they can produce
electricity even in cloudy weather conditions.


Founded by DV Manjunatha in 1992, EMMVEE is a leading producer of innovative, cost-effective premium solar panels for decades. It has a manufacturing unit in Bangalore with state-of-the-art technology. With a vision to provide clean,
reliable and sustainable energy solution, EMMVEE is one of the fastest-growing solar companies that use cutting-edge technology to manufacture top quality solar panels, solar water heaters, power hubs and water pumps.

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 Indosolar Ltd. :

Indosolar Ltd. is another top solar panel manufacturing company in India that was founded by Bhushan Kumar Gupta in 2008. With a vision to boost India’s manufacturing, Mr Gupta set up a modern manufacturing unit with a capacity
of more than 450 MW in New Delhi. This decade-old company is known to produce high-quality solar panels for a sustainable future at a lower cost.


Vikram Solar:

Vikram Solar was founded by Gyanesh Chaudhary in Kolkata in 2006. The company prides itself as the first solar company to make it to Fortune India's Next 500 list. It has partnered with Powertech Africa, an African energy company to provide energy solution in the African market. With a vision to cut carbon footprint and provide renewable energy solution, Vikram Solar has been producing top-grade solar module for home and industries.



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