How to get Free M249 AND AKM skin

Hello friends Today, I am showing you how to get free pubg skin of an AKM & M249
First I want to tell you this method don’t work in most of the cases they will work then you will use the proper method which I am going to show you please read the full article for below
First, you have to download premium VPN because they dont to provide skins and crates in India.

steps to get free AKM and M249 skin :-

  • After connecting a VPN you will get to know, there are many countries in which you can connect unblock any website.
  • Connect to an America or Taiwan server.


  • After that, check your internet speed go to my IP to check your IP address
    You will find that your IP has been changed from India to the location you chose.


  • After connecting to a VPN open pubg mobile and go to UC coins
    As shown in the video.

  •  collecting the coins go to redeem now, and open the crate,
    opening the crate 4-5 times.


  • You will see you got AKM skin right there.



NOTE : trick may differ as this is old method may be patched

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 Free M249 AND AKM skin



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