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PUBG fans all over the world a good news for you guys. Gather around and listen because you might just get a lot of stuff with the new update.

  • The date :Golden Pharaoh X suit 

On August 4, the players will be in for a treat as the new Golden Pharaoh X suit will be yours to grab in PUBG Mobile.

  • Exciting new outfits that can become yours

Wait, wait want more? You will get more as there will also be the Warrior of Ra outfit, Warrior of  Nut outfit, the underworld guide, outfit and last but not the least, the famous mummy outfit. You will totally be head over heels in love with these outfits as they all look super cool and super stylish. No matter which set you get, you will look amazing, so be ready for that. You can participate in lucky draws using the UC or silver ticket.


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  • Here’s more

Another surprise is that each new set also has its own exclusive Treasure crates. How exciting! These creates will help you in winning cool new outfits, Starforge stones, Star fragments, and Pharaoh coins. You can also get a treasure crate at random during the lucky draws. It only takes 5 draws and then you can choose your own treasure crate from the available 5 treasure crates.

  • A chance for everyone

Couldn’t draw the set u wanted? Don’t be sad because you will only have to redeem 1000 Pharaoh coins to get the level 1 Golden Pharaoh suit, or simply exchange a Pharaoh’s memory to get that fit of yours. Your friends can be helped too because you can gift them a Pharoah’s memory.

PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0

  • And again, here’s more. You are in for a whole lot of surprises

Duplicate items can be turned into Pharaoh coins, so make sure you use your items wisely. You can upgrade your set to look even more cooler than before with Starforge stones and Star fragments. You will be able to find a total of three sets in all six levels including exclusive lobby emotes, entry emotes, Spawn Island and Kill announcement special effects.

You and your squad will outshine every opponent as you can also share the Pharaoh-X element with your teammates. So be ready and let your inner fighter come out on August 4, and win everything a PUBG player can wish for, Good luck and enjoy!.


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