How to get free 400+ Popularity in PUBG Mobile

Hi guys today i am here to tell you how to get free 400+ Popularity in PUBG Mobile india . This method is personally verified by me and i have attach some screenshot for proof .

What is popularity in pubg mobile ??

As we all know this featrure was introduced by tencent games few month ago, this is gifted between your pubg friend for their good game play .The more popularity you have, the better your profile will look like. get free 400+ Popularity in PUBG Mobile steps are written below

Steps to redeem free 400+ Popularity in PUBG Mobile :


  • Enter the detail ask in the web page  your character id , redemption code provided below and verification code.


  • Redeem code for popularity is –  use this code get unlimited 400 popularity in a day

Golden Pharaoh X suit

  • Go to the message section in PUBG Mobile and redeem the reward.


After following the steps mentioned above, 2x Footballs  will be given to the respective character ID entered in the form. Through these footballs, you can gift 400 popularity to your any PUBG Mobile friend by inviting him/her into your lobby. Furthermore, use code TQIZBZ76F to get extra popularity.

As mentioned earlier, the players can obtain up to one lakh popularity in a day. To do so, copy your friend’s character ID and repeat all the aforementioned steps. Afterwards, ask your friend to redeem it from the mail section and gift it to you by inviting you into his lobby. But remember, the code will work only once for a single account.

Lastly, don’t forget to share this post with your friends so that they can also use this PUBG Mobile Redeem Code and be happy.

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